A few days back, I managed to dig out my critic’s hat and laid down Holy Commandments as far as music was concerned. I went all fire and brimstone on our combined patriotic duty to clean up our act. Well, I’ve sort of made a fudge. I sinned, and like the heretic I am, no amount of flogging will wash away my shame. Not one, not even a single mention of Letterman’s favorite musical prodigy was made. I’m speaking of that wacky Chicago born genius, Mister Warren Zevon; God rest his soul. I’m here to make amends and seek penance; have mercy on my debauchee ways. In 1976, the Z-man was in Paris, racking his brain and praying for inspiration […]

24 years ago, God, that rockin’ celestial dude, decided to expand his already massive roster of greats and go out on a new cosmic tour. You see, a little-known truth about the BIG GUY is the fact, that he’s a huge karaoke fan. When the Lord decides that he wants to start a Garage Band, well, as you can frankly imagine, the sky – not to mention the whole of the space-time continuum – is at his disposal. But, personalities, especially those of an artist proclivity, often times don’t mix well. Mozart was acting up, and Beethoven was being a gigantic ninny. Jim and Hendrix were locked up in a bathroom stall, while Janis Joplin was outside trying to bottle the dubious […]

“If you could be anyone, then be yourself… Unless, there’s the slightest possibility that you could be Batman.  Then, for the love of God, be Batman… Really, let’s be honest, you suck.” I should really start selling my pep-talks; inspirational videos. I have age old wisdom, that even Alexander The Great, Winston Churchill and – dare I say it – he of the fishes and loafs would have strongly agreed with. “Be Batman!” Moses once read from an unedited rocky tablet. Is there a point to this meaningless exercise of self-stroking nerd adoration? Will he tapper off into the cusp of some revelation? Or will he simply run his mouth off like on so many meandering articles? Come on, Max, if […]