Tech Companies mopping up the landscape. “The End is nigh’,” and all that rubbish. It’s time to face the fact, we are in an epoch where the tectonic fluctuations under our feet, those that change reality as the set way of the world, are mostly governed by a loose cabal of trendsetters who have more in common with hipsters, than with the titans of industry of olden times. It is a generation controlling earthquakes and jumbling the landscape to their whims… the corporate landscape. The old guard’s only recourse: bribe a judge or two. It is a judicial battlefield parried by legislative war dogs; trained mercenaries who have sharpened their talons on lesser prey. They are loophole hunting horsemen, of the […]

What do James Wood, Geena Davis and Nolan Gould (the Dunphy Kid from Modern Family) have in common? They are all members of an almost secret society of eggheads known as MENSA. They stand on shaky ground, almost quicksand like soil, concerning their careers. Each can solve a Rubik’s Cube in a blink of an eye, yet somehow, Howard Stern – with his 99 IQ – is remembered with greater respect and esteem. These three, like hundred more, are prime examples of the fact that a high IQ doesn’t necessarily equal success. They are test subjects, that prove that a few more neurons don’t make a lick of difference out in the real world. The given fact that jackanapes and jesters, […]