It’s Brexit stage left. Yesterday, the Brits’ decided to give the EU the bird. They went and flung that ideal of unity out the window. Voted to cut their losses and get off the train before the tracks reached the canyon and the wagons went “Ka-Pow”. In a historic election, those Harry Potter lovin’ redcoats grabbed the status quo, plunged it into the blender and hit puree. The United Kingdom, as of today 24th of June, is no longer part of the European Union. The effects of this dazzling new transition are already being felt throughout the world. Why did it happen? In hindsight how could it have been averted? Was it prophesied? Why didn’t my 1-800 fortune teller warm […]

Ah, Pokemon Go. Close your eyes and picture the following scene. You’re at home, following the harried adventures of lovable misfits and Darwin Award recipients on Discovery Channel’s newest reality. A frothy beer in your grip, a score of missing links battling out over the pastry fad of the month. Suddenly, a bug bites your missus’ tush. “Harold, will you clean up the yard?!” You turn around, gleam said tush, and marvel at how gravity has evaded it. Kryptonite to your defenses. Up you go, out the door. Two steps and there’s a squishy sensation. You lose sight of your North. You fall back. Your neck makes contact with a Tonka truck. Your neighbor’s dog feces fells you like a fool. Blink, blink, […]

This Friday, the Republican heavyweight and all around news-fodder, Donald Trump, is likely to pick his second in command. His vice presidential candidate, the man, figure, mineral and quite possibly reptile who will grace his ballot. If ever the shit hits the fan, and the Secret Service gets distracted by an errant butterfly, this is the fellow who will pick up the country and lol it back to a sweet oblivion. The second stringer soothing stimulating sitter. The man, whose very function is to toss a cool towel over Donald’s more eccentric attitudes and lure the electorates into the daft, demented, derailed, deranged and diverting enterprise that is American Politics. Here at the Guy Society, we’ve decided, to sum up […]