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Venezuela: The Madness And Why It is Here To Stay.

Warnings: below spans the verbose work of a madman working his way through the coffers of his ex-hippie Grandma’s stash.… Read More

GOT, Game Of Thrones, Drinks, Mulled Wine, Shade Of Evening, Stark, Lannisters
Imported from Westeros and Across the Narrow Sea; Drinks from Games Of Thrones

“Winter is coming.” “No s@#t, Stark. Why do you think I’m stocking up?” Bang, bang, slush, slush goes a casket of… Read More

Beer: The Real Reason Why Civilization Exists.

“Run, Marty! Run! Save yourself!” “Doc, it's just a rubber chicken. What’s the deal?” “That glare, that intensity…” Arms shrugging,… Read More

My Books
Max Longstone
Pink Aliens

Welcome to Gulf Breeze, Florida; home to spaceship Earth's nuttier residents. You just know something's hinky when Klingon is the native language. So do yourself a favor and get some medication; you’re going to need it.

Max Longstone
Disposable Chum

Get ready to journey to Florida; the Golden Coast. The land of never-ending vacations, bikini-clad girls, tall umbrella drinks and the sun... Jump on an airboat ride through the fifth dimension.

Max Longstone
Pufferfish Vendetta

Get ready for the unthinkable and watch as Las Vegas gets the mother of all hangovers; even Sin City has its tipping point. Get reacquainted with Tommy Tots, yes, the same poli-spectaral-chemical-tamer from before, now international man of mystery.

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