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Are College Essays Important? Here’s the TRUTH.

Are College Essays Important? Are College Essays Important? Praise the amusing antiheroes of academia, for it’s that nerve-wracking time of… Read More

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How to write the perfect college essay

Your College Essay needs to shine and quite possibly make philosophers ponder their well-researched tenets. I’m here to give you… Read More

Was It A Coup? What Exactly Happened​ In Bolivia?
Was It A Coup? What Exactly Happened​ In Bolivia?

Let’s sling bull on that ball of baloney that is the latest Bolivian backroom bunny hop... What exactly happened in… Read More

My Books
Max Longstone
Pink Aliens

Welcome to Gulf Breeze, Florida; home to spaceship Earth's nuttier residents. You just know something's hinky when Klingon is the native language. So do yourself a favor and get some medication; you’re going to need it.

Max Longstone
Disposable Chum

Get ready to journey to Florida; the Golden Coast. The land of never-ending vacations, bikini-clad girls, tall umbrella drinks and the sun... Jump on an airboat ride through the fifth dimension.

Max Longstone
Pufferfish Vendetta

Get ready for the unthinkable and watch as Las Vegas gets the mother of all hangovers; even Sin City has its tipping point. Get reacquainted with Tommy Tots, yes, the same poli-spectaral-chemical-tamer from before, now international man of mystery.