Script and Investigation for Be Amazed, YouTube Channel.

Many Directors and animators in Hollywood hide hidden secrets and messages into their shows to give them an endless re-watch-ability factor. These secret codes and easter eggs have appeared in most shows and movies you’ve seen, but you probably had no idea they existed!

Featuring… Here are 10 Hidden Secrets & Codes in Famous Shows & Movies The Number 42 – Here’s a quick list of some of the many times this digit has grazed the screen. You’ll find that it is: Fox Mulder’s apartment number; the dentists address in Finding Nemo; Hurley’s Lotto number in Lost; the number of bullets in Ripley’s gun in Alien and the same number used in the name of the Iron Man 3 Suit. And that’s just a few examples, there are hundreds more. So, what’s all the fuss about? Psych – Every so often a goof quickly becomes a craze and a craze rapidly develops into a game. For over Eight seasons, one of the USA network’s top-rated tv shows, Psych, played with the audience a strange competition of Fruit Ninja. Fight Club – Apparently, the first rule of Fight Club isn’t that you shouldn’t talk about Fight Club, it’s that you shouldn’t point out the fact that David Fincher, the Director, is the equivalent of a meth addict for Starbucks.


On almost every scene, the caffeinated giant’s logo magically pops up; steamrolling its way through the narrative with caffeinated goodness. Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban – Hogwarts isn’t just known for its endless supply of ghosts, faulty regulations concerning student safety and its impeccable need of being the place where the shit will eventually go down, nope, it has one more honor to claim. Futurama Language – Like Klingon or Dothraki, a good Sci-Fi gem deserves its very own form of gibberish. You can’t properly call yourself a classic without the street cred’ of making up your own language.

Owner and boss of poor Max, Be Amazed… Check them out, their videos are hilarious and informative.

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