Are College Essays Important? Are College Essays Important? Praise the amusing antiheroes of academia, for it’s that nerve-wracking time of the year when fledging saplings start to wither under their gaze and moppets develop heart-palpitations. It’s college admission time and squirts all around the nation are stockpiling Pepto; taking anxiety medicine and going through their own version of a panic-induced midlife crisis. Students going online and riffling through the net for hacks and tips on how to turn their essays into battering rams; Vikings storming the gates of their pie-in-the-sky university.  “Dear God, what have I done in with my time on this earth!” And, yes, now these knaves and scoundrels holding court over your educational future are demanding that […]

Your College Essay needs to shine and quite possibly make philosophers ponder their well-researched tenets. I’m here to give you the dope on that anvil that’s hanging over your head and a few hacks on how to, at the very least, make a go at them. Great tips and tricks to write a killer college essay. Here’s how to write the perfect college essay… a killer one. The golden rule is: Make your essay interesting and don’t force the issue. Keep them interested so we actually read on and know what’s the skinny on that faux magical ticket called the College Essay; it’s essential to level headed on the hard-boiled reality of the essay. They are not anticipating the next Scorsese, but […]

Let’s sling bull on that ball of baloney that is the latest Bolivian backroom bunny hop… What exactly happened in that little bivouac Socialist harbor this week? Was Evo overthrown in a coup? Was It A Coup? What Exactly Happened​ In Bolivia? “Something happened in Bolivia?” Well, my friend, let’s just take a step out of the line and go back to the beginning. This opinion piece is nothing short of the critical review of a movie that premiered a week ago. Was it a coup? That’s the main question ping-ponging around the net nowadays.  Before we begin we might as well address the certainty bias of the Left. That idea that socialism can do no wrong. I highlight this point […]

Venezuelan Crisis: What is Happening And Shouldn’t They Lay off the Drugs? Click on the news and there it is, on Twitter, CNN, FOX, CBS, NBC, and John Oliver… Venezuela- that 2 dimensional rhino of land – hogging up the prime-time limelight. The country fast becoming that kid from Pre-school all the teachers just KNEW needed “special classes.” Every day, clockwork even, that Caribbean sovereign toddler’s temper tantrums going nuclear on all other nation’s geopolitical Duplo Blocks.  Chile, Argentina, Spain, Europe, U.S. straddling up to their Principal at the UN: “This has got to stop!” The UN looking at the turmoil, the autocratical snit and shrugging, “we don’t want to cause a scene. Let’s just put a wet blanket on […]

Mid 80’s and feces show that was Marvel was getting off the cracked toilet and, well, stumbling down onto its face and drowning on that morning’s high power breakfast; a screwdriver that was less drive and more screw. I’m a throwback of a generation that had to deal with Dolph Lundgren dropping the ball on a New York accent and doing a bad Death Wish rip-off. I’m a genetical offspring of an Era where Hulk was nothing more than a Jersey Shore poster boy who had been bitten by radioactive kale and had a love affair with some scantily clad broccoli. Then, when that bandwagon had hit the brick wall and we thought it couldn’t get any yuckier, the drunken buffon started […]

Warnings: below spans the verbose work of a madman working his way through the coffers of his ex-hippie Grandma’s stash. Underpinning the nuts and bolts of something that clearly makes no sense, trying to weed out logic and reason with cooked noodle tweezers, and a noggin’ high on primo peyote. Sadly, despite the free-flowing thoughts sizzling on the sidewalk, this is not a case of fantasy supplanting reality but of a government majoring in applied hubris and a populace working on semantics, trying to scoop-out form in a non-euclidean landscape and floundering helplessly in a sea of sheer insanity. Standing its ground, like a diseased archaic remnant of the inbreed societal and political makeup of a pre-industrial Era, Venezuela chews […]

“Winter is coming.” “No s@#t, Stark. Why do you think I’m stocking up?” Bang, bang, slush, slush goes a casket of 80-proof icy insulation. “By the way, you’re a lousy weatherman. 6 years? Sooner or later you’re bound to be right, Ned. Now, let’s retire to one of Little Finger’s entertainment pavilions, lest you lose your head.” Food has always been a leyline on which George R.R. Martin’s epic novels have dug their roots deep. In comparison, with its scantily clad HBO adaptation, the original script — which is the less than pompous way of saying “novels” — are the equivalent of a gourmand’s saucy skin magazine. Each author or producer letting their inner fetishes take hold of their rigid and stiff […]

“Run, Marty! Run! Save yourself!” “Doc, it’s just a rubber chicken. What’s the deal?” “That glare, that intensity…” Arms shrugging, cogitating on the inductive idea that frenzied exposure to Plutonium had finally done the old man in, Marty – of that fabled clan McFly – tried to get a handle on the volatile situation. “Let’s just calm… Ahhh! Ahhh!” “I told you. Leave it. That chicken…” “The rubber ducky of dominant duress and devilish disorder,” went he of the agitated avian arsenal, “holds more in its backdoor belly…” “My God, Marty, it’s got a bar of soup! The cruelty! The excess inhumanity!” The batty scientist dove for his teenage companion and flew off the page in an effluvium of noxious fumes; […]

Published during that alcohol-surfed wellspring of the mid-thirties, So Red The Nose or Breath in The Afternoon, was a point of pride for the dazed and heavily intoxicated muckety-mucks in their Gatsby-like fandangos. Prohibition had robbed a society of dipsomaniacs the right to live up to their name for almost 15 years, and these noble world-class winos, the upper crust, needed to up their game in order to make up for lost time. Its rush job into the press was a way to reach down and grab that quintessential ideal that America was founded on: Our right to get hammered, talk nonsense and do whatever we damn well please with our liberties. For all claims, so Red The Nose was New […]

Script and Investigation for Be Amazed, YouTube Channel. We see symbols every day, like the ampersand, Ccaduceus and the heart icon/logo, but do you ever spare a thought for their origins? From Yin and Tang to the swastika, here are 10 Symbols & Icons You Don’t Know the Meaning & Origins of! The ampersand (&). Sitting there on your keyboard like a bloated-out dollar sign on crack is one of the most used figures in creation. During a pesky part of its travels, the ampersand was first used throughout the days of the Roman empire. A quick way to join two things together. It’s peculiar and squiggly formation, a logogram – for those in the known – is a union […]