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Max Longstone is a fictitious name. Right off the bat, that fact must be clarified. His real name cannot be produced properly by human speech, only certain dogs and a vicious marine plants can serve it auditory justice. For safety reasons – and due to a worrisome clause in the Witness Protection Program – his real identity can never be revealed. He has had many jobs in his lifetime. By the age of 25, Max was kidnapped by The Moleloids and after a harrowing display of heroics – during the Crab-People’s revolution of the Third Dynasty – he became their leader. Four months later he had no choice but to abdicate his throne. Some scholars say it was a question of politics, others talk about a torrid romance between Max and a Pink Alien goddess of the fifth dimension. To the man’s credit she was the esteem empress of 20 galactic kingdoms and more importantly, a complete knock-out. Back on the Earth’s surface, the man obtained his pen-name when he began working for the adult film industry. Max being his hamster’s name and Longstone the first street he ever lived in. If you would like more information about the author – or simply to spy when his next book is coming-out – you can always check his Facebook or Twitter feed If you would like to meet the author – have some biscuits and possibly chat about the day – you can contact him through smoke signals, telepathy or guided meditation. If you wish an encounter – or for his adversaries and immortal nemesis, a bloody, badass showdown – in the astral plane, send him a thought balloon in order to reserve a time and a proper sphere of reality; Max has a busy schedule.

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