Prologue “‘Whack, Whack, Whack!’ Order, order, and all that rubbish!” “I’ll go fetch another gavel.” “You read my mind, Bailiff. Lads can’t even take a proper pounding.” “Judge, it ain’t the wood, it’s the mercurial and quite possibly flammable disposition, with which you lean into them. Anger management, that’s what I’ve always said.” “Psycho-babel, that’s my response. Let’s sludge along. Ahem, you, that went and started all this hubbub, what say on the proceedings?” “Who, me?” “No, no, no, him, the chap in the sheep costume. The one on the third row, bleeding like livestock…” “Meeee, sorry, got caught up in the character. Very, Christian Bale of me and all that nonsense.” “Stanivlasky school of actors. The Method acting, well […]