Sacrifice is a necessary step towards greatness, and the universe always seeks balance. At exactly: one minute pass midnight, into April Fool´s day, Jean Moreau´s life changed for the better and for the worse… For at the very second her son was born; half way across town, the love of her life was being murdered. Now forces beyond this reality, and far beyond the scope of good or evil, are witnessing the last stages of a game that has taken Eons to play out… and before her family, and love ones can ever be safe, Jean will have to travel through the darkest mazes of Hell to wage war against madness itself. Interlocking with historical moments and crossing territories, boundaries, and even dimension, this first part of the Grand Puzzle amuses and bewitches even the most jaded of readers. Horror, suspense, romance, adventure and fantasy collide in a perfect Molotov cocktail of images and emotions. Spanning time and space, and breaking the boundaries of traditional storytelling, “Little Dark Girl” is at both a frightening and beautiful first novel by L.J Gomez… a book that makes us wish for more, from this weird and, often, nasty new author.

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