Get ready for the unthinkable and watch as Las Vegas gets the mother of all hangovers; even Sin City has its tipping point. Get reacquainted with Tommy Tots, yes, the same poli-spectaral-chemical-tamer from before, now international man of mystery. Decency, Christian values, theological zealots and pacifist Nutbars beware, cause the universe’s favorite reprobates are running over the nuclear family friendly station-wagon, and backtracking just to be sure; caution wide-load up ahead. The end is nigh and the selfie generation wants its profile pic’. That’s right, The Reckoning, with capital R, is upon us, but before the final bow, Earth plans to have a drunken, naked, sexually broadening free-for-fall in the most debauchee place on its surface; the strip switching its neon sign of vacancy and getting the all-you-can-eat ready for the blowout. What you’ll be buying in this fine literary masterpiece: Secret CIA black ops, following reality show logic. Marital and dietary advice from Celestine and Daryl. A zombie rat named Frank. Hippies with a penchant for hyper-violence. More nudity than you can shake a stick at. Roller-coasters flicking physics off. The deluxe retirement package; Skynyrd and Jaws on a rod and reel, and grenade launchers. Anthropophagy Stand-Up comedy; that’s cannibalism for those without a dictionary present. A carefully orchestrated soundtrack with the hallmarks of casual overdose. Mashups! Special guest-star galore in the eleventh hour. A documentary like view into the eugenics reach-around of the American double helix. Enough Kabooms and Bangs, to tax even the most ardent Stallone Fan. And surprises, nasty cliffhangers and Plot twists up the wazzo. Do the walk of shame home with a smile on your face, and someone else’s underwear. Oh, yeah, and Sexual Tips; we’re brimming with those. As an added bonus; a free a plug for the next books! Hurray! Ain’t I a swell guy? Sold yet? Don’t make me come over there… I don’t pull my punches. Pufferfish Vendetta; a manual, rule book, dare I say charter, on how to survive the happiest place in the cosmos, with all your limbs attached.

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