Richard Paxton hates Buenos Aires, Argentina: he absolutely loathes the swampy, reaches down your throat with a hot red coal weather, the extravagant amount pseudo-intellectuals and weird, “over the top”, media celebs, the balmy atmosphere of morose sorrow and truly ghastly ghost stories, and, above all, he simply can’t stand the band of roaming fanatical vampires. In 72 hours the world is about to end. The heralds of a pan-dimensional God are about to unleash a storm of biblical proportions and, century after century, they have always been victorious. Doom and mayhem are about to descend on Buenos Aires. The fate of the planet lies in the hands of Rick and his new C.I.A. partner/babysitter, and self proclaimed ‘functional sociopath’, Dorian Graig. With the help of a ragtag team of oddballs, these two unlikely partners will wage war against the true inspiration for every undead myth on the planet and its murderous lover, the immortal samurai: Lady ManJaku. They will need to unravel a mystery that began in the 14th century, with the uprising of the Black Plague, continued with the detonation of Krakatau and was responsible for a failed Cold War mission to the Ural Mountains. The clock isn’t ticking: it’s on fire and hungrily engulfing everything in sight.
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