Let’s sling bull on that ball of baloney that is the latest Bolivian backroom bunny hop… What exactly happened in that little bivouac Socialist harbor this week? Was Evo overthrown in a coup? Was It A Coup? What Exactly Happened​ In Bolivia?

“Something happened in Bolivia?” Well, my friend, let’s just take a step out of the line and go back to the beginning. This opinion piece is nothing short of the critical review of a movie that premiered a week ago.

Was It A Coup? What Exactly Happened​ In Bolivia?
(AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko). A backer of former President Evo Morales kneels in front of soldiers guarding a street in downtown La Paz, Bolivia, Friday, Nov. 15, 2019.

Was it a coup? That’s the main question ping-ponging around the net nowadays. 

Before we begin we might as well address the certainty bias of the Left. That idea that socialism can do no wrong. I highlight this point because if you’re a firm believer in that branch of power-play this is not an article for you. 

A Quick Synopsis Why Nothing I Manage to Pontificate About Will Change the fervor mind of a TRUE Leftist Believer.

The followers of that vein of government are fueled by nothing more than hollow hope and pixie dust; anathemas to logic and common sense. The general consensus when headlines, investigations, findings, and the occasional closet sprung open only to reveal a mass-grave is the dogmatic regurgitation that it’s a coverup. The facts nothing more than false accusations inflamed by the dastardly Right. Over the years, during countless discussions, I’ve discovered that no matter how well informed they are they simply refuse to see the writing on the wall. It is a political view fueled by zealotry. One that hammers the proverbial square peg into the round hole in spite of every sensible mind showing the geometrical clusterfuck unleashed.

I’ve talked about how the Left or more to the point Neo-Socialism has slowly become the equivalent of a religious movement; a political half baked wigwam creed – that molds and changes due to the whims of its Rolex wearing pulpit thumpers – galvanized by faith and faith alone. It’s no longer a political position or doctrine, it’s a religious conviction.

And this week, one of its Prophets has been dethroned. 

What happened in Bolivia?

What happened, in a nutshell, is that the curtain came down. The Revival Predicator, one of the Left’s Second Coming, was exposed as nothing more than a snake-oil seller. Evo Morales turned out to be the proverbial tent pole preacher with a Bluetooth headset and an army of cronies hacking his congregation’s medical reports. 

There, I said it, let them come. I’ve just denounced a man who started off with great intentions and was rapidly seduced by the pull and push of leadership. Well, to be honest, I haven’t said anything new, I just called a spade a spade and let the facts speak volumes.

I can see my Left-Wing friends sharpening their pitchforks and lighting their torches as I speak. I’ve crossed the line – mind you, I’m neither right nor left, I’m undecided at best – by introducing facts and truths, quantifiable at that, to the discussion. As I’ve said before:

This is not a question of faith.

The Power Of The Socialist Church

Politics aren’t governed by the supernatural or by shamanic rites. You don’t have to have faith in Politicians if said muddy taxon adheres to the letter and paragons of the law. Socialism is crafted on a castle in the sky belief, great on the paper but a bit funky and undoable outside of it. It’s this confidence, that sooner or later someone will figure out the formula to make that theoretical work – to make that romantic abstraction take flight – that energizes those that firmly follow it. Unfortunately, until that moment comes, the Left has nothing else left but to accept blindly its clergy. The minute you introduce skepticism and analytical thinking – not to mention proven data – into their church they’ll go Spanish Inquisition on your ass.

Socialism is based on what’s fair, in a Byronic sense of the word, subjectively and under the optics of fallible leader… Capitalism is based on what’s lawful, objectively and oftentimes unfair to some. None are ideal, but at least you can predict and quantify one.

Upholding Evo to the yardstick of the law, reality and human nature and then proclaiming that he got his just desert is the equivalent of pushing an old lady into incoming traffic for some. It’s akin to proclaiming that a Saint has to follow the rules or that Superman is not above the law.

Ideas like the fact that any Country’s Constitution’s primary objective is to protect the citizens of a nation is both absurd and radical. The assumption that that priceless text was written to ensure the fundamentals that built a nation and not as a piece of paper politicians can invoke whenever it awards them some juicy soundbites leaves most zealots staring blankly into space. Those same awestruck disciples left with nothing more than grandstanding movements; cooking up some cockamamie fox hole they can unearth to push back logic. The Constitution is not a smokescreen and you simply can’t cherry-pick what’s convenient and sweep the rest under the rug. It’s there principally to sort out the messes we continually find ourselves in and curb the illegitimate ambitions of those in power. That’s the point Socialists do their damn best to obfuscate: the pesky Constitution and why it refuses to play ball… the idea that the law should be elastic and bendable to the morals of their clan.

Was It A Coup? What Exactly Happened​ In Bolivia?
Bolivia’s President Evo Morales during a press conference in La Paz, Bolivia, on Sunday, November 10, 2019.

From day one of his shoddy power play at yet another term, Evo went against the Constitution and, in the end, he got his well-deserved comeuppance. There really is no denying that fact.

Was the whole thing a coup? Was Evo ousted and overthrown? 

Was It A Coup? What Exactly Happened​ In Bolivia?

Semantics really. What people should consider is that Evo fucked up… plain and simple. The man tried through various means – undermining the Constitution, turning a deaf ear to the referendum he held, convincing his cabal of Lackeys in his Supreme Court that he was above the law and the will of the people, presenting himself despite protest and THE LAW as a candidate, and finally stealing the elections – to stay screwed in his seat of power. Let’s not kid ourselves on this last point, he STOLE the elections. Evo jerry-rigged, hacked, tricked, snookered, coerced and downright broke the law in such a blatant and evident manner that he was basically asking to get kicked out of offices. He might as well have gone on national TV and lifted up his middle finger while kicking a small puppy.  The President dared a nation to: “Come at me bro’.”

The Nation’s response: “Hey, this doesn’t pass the smell test. There’s something fishy going on. Are you trying to put one past us?”

When our forefathers – and every nation has had one – Washington, Bolivar, San Martin, and the like went apeshit on the rightful government of their period it wasn’t hailed as a coup but a necessary act of legitimate sedition. They rebelled because their current government sucked balls. Then, so we wouldn’t fall into the same routines and power would be restrained, they drew up a Constitution. Hell, even Fidel and the Che – the leftist’s dynamic duo – were at the beginning nothing more than a rowdy bunch of rebels. They were all Liberators, meanwhile, the Bolivian people are being pigeonholed as savage rabble-rousers. Hence, why it’s all semantics. 

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro stated it best:

The word coup is used a lot when the left loses, when they win, it’s legitimate. When they lose, it’s a coup.

But the question remains:

Was there a coup? Trinkets South America has a nasty habit of collecting. Was there one? Did we witness another putsch by those ebullient neighbors from downstairs?

“Police… I don’t know. I really don’t know it’s just loud screaming. They are either killing each other, celebrating a goal or fucking like bunny rabbits.”

In South America’s case: all of the above.

But, back to the point, was there a coup? Could be. He wasn’t technically overthrown, he willingly submitted his resignation after the Military “suggested” that he should step aside. There was no military action to hasten his departure. Still, in Evo’s defense, I’ve only heard of one person who’s stayed firm in front of a tank when asked to “get out of the way.” Evo really had no choice. In South America, when you’re violently overthrown by the Military you end up like Mussolini. But, once more, semantics, “wordplay”… it was, after all, just a suggestion. The very presence of the armed forces and the unrelenting civil uprising throws shades of grey on the whole kerfuffle… and that really where the debate starts.

Civil unrest Bolivia Was It A Coup? What Exactly Happened​ In Bolivia?
Skynews Bolivia Clashes protest.

What people should focus on, and more importantly try to get across over the sonic boom of the Church like brouhaha of the Left is the following nugget of info:

If you fuck up, you have to face the choir. Be a man or dame and take your licks… And Evo, you fucked up big time.

This Has Happened Before.

On the 21st of November 19 years-ago, Alberto Fujimori tendered his resignation to the Presidency… from exile in Tokyo and through a fax machine. Why? Because the old wolf tried to pull of the same damn stunt as Evo Morales. Was it a coup? Do the history books, analysts and all the king’s men and leftist’s chatterboxes  Define it as a coup? Nope! Historically it’s been labeled a “self-coup”; as in, “my God you screwed up so bad you had no choice but to leave work with your tail between your legs and ashamed to ever show your face again.”

Fujimori’s monumental shitstorm  – pardon the French but there really isn’t a better term for it – was nothing short than the step by step blueprint Evo Morales copied to the T.

Nowadays Fujimori is remembered as the poster child on how power corrupts and why it’s essential to regulate how long someone should stay in control. The Constitution and the fleeting terms of a Presidency is what holds them accountable and keeps most mortals sane and on solid ground. 

Whether it was a coup or not is up for grabs…. what matters is that, if it was, it was JUSTIFIED. 

A Justified Coup?

Let’s conceit that the term Coup has a negative connotation. Coup is the leftist go-to buzzword, right behind Imperialist. So let’s flip the script and call it a Revolutionary act; I’m reappropriating that term back from the Socialist playbook. I swear there’s a guide or manifesto out there and Cuba probably has the Copy and distribution rights.

What happened in Bolivia was a civil, Constitutional backed, revolution.  Anyway, back to the program, the President of that country acted like a CRIMINAL asshat; plain and simple. As a result, he was hit back with a revolution; cause and effect. Evo was ousted by his own people – those that once vote him into office – in full control of their sense and supported by the law and the Constitution. And, when it was time to face the music, his party members called it quits and decided to retire to greener pastures.

 There is a reason why old Evo was only given sanctuary in that Cartel haven known as Mexico and not in a more lawful joint. Oh, going on a tangent there… Focus, Max! Focus!

Was It A Coup? What Exactly Happened​ In Bolivia?
Mexican Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard, left, welcomes former Bolivian President Evo Morales upon his arrival in Mexico City on Nov. 12, 2019. (Eduardo Verdugo / Associated Press)

Anyway, that’s where we are at. There was a Revolution in Bolivia and folks are still trying to figure out what’s what. We stand on a stage that could go either way and one where tensions are high and every other-word is incendiary. A massive fraudulent election was perpetrated right from the get-go.  An act of such glaring dishonesty that it ended with popular outcry and a once prestigious leader completely delegitimized. Bolivia is now a country trying to once more right its course.

What now?

God only knows, but all eyes are following yet one more passionate chapter of that Telenovela known as Latin America. Each thrilling entry one plot twist away from introducing an evil twin or a long-forgotten cousin.

Will Evo return? Will Maduro finally meet his match? Will Bolivia get its shit together? Will the new government meet Evo’s followers halfway? Will this be yet another blow to Latin American Socialism? What cat’s paw will Trump and Putin put into action? Will the bloodshed end? Will the Argentines have a say? When will Narcos season 4 finally premiere? Find out…

“What do you mean what about Chile? You want to talk about that!?” 

Dammit, Latin America is worst than the Arrowverse; each new week there’s a flashy vogue spinoff to digest.

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